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  1. Positions Matter

    The Combine's Positional Variability in Predicting Career NFL Performance

    collaborators: Long Chen, Melaku Dubie, Rich Lee and Kivan Polimis


    Every year, hundreds of collegiate football players are invited to participate in a week-long scouting combine. Players are evaluated by NFL personnel departments on a series of physical and ...

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  2. Social Media, Twitter API, and R

    This post is a workshop that I created for a social media workshop during the 2016 Population Association of America Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C (April).

    All relevant code will eventually be available on my github


    We are going to learn various R functions for gathering, processing and ...

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  3. make a Pelican blog

    How to setup Pelican to build a blog with Travis-CI

    The goal of this post is to use Pelican, a static-blogging Python package, and Travis-CI to automatically deploy a Github-hosted blog. Your blog's URL will be username.github.io. You will need Github and Travis-CI accounts.

    I chose to ...

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